Nov 08

Step 3: Words!

I’ve been listening to Romanian audio books and watching some Romanian children educational videos teaching some words and how to count – so I got the sound, but I still don’t understand anything and I can’t even say hello, so the next step is to be able to have a short conversation. Hello. Goodbye. Please. Thank you. My name is.

Again Youtube was of great help, and I made an amazing found: Learn Romanian with Nico.
Nico recorded a whole Romanian course for beginners in more than thirty 3-minutes videos, talking about just one grammar or vocabulary topic in each video, and she does this with so much humour that she’s a pleasure to watch.

I noticed though that I did get a better understanding of the Romanian language just by watching it, but that I tended to forget the actual words she used and wasn’t able to recall them after the video stopped, so I started making notes of everything she said and repeating the words along as she says them.

As you know, there are different kinds of learners. Some learn perfectly well just by listening, some need to repeat for themselves, some need to see it written and some need to write it down (they remember with their hands). Most people are a mixture between the different types, and I definitely learn faster when using the written words along the spoken ones.

These are the first two lessons of Romanian with Nico:

Lesson 1 is about the pronunciation, and comes quite boring but is a great help later on when you’re trying to read:

Lesson 2 is all about saying hello and basic expressions. A must!

As I told you, I’m a type of learner who learn faster when they take notes and have something written to show afterwards, so this is what I learned in those first lessons:




Lesson2 - Greetings


And here you can download the PDFs if you want to print my notes:

Lesson 1: Pronunciation

Lesson2: Greetings