Nov 09

Step 4: First sentences!

Hi, so I’ve started to learn Romanian, and let me just recall some of the steps I took:

  1. I searched youtube for anything Romanian like children’s educational videos (learning how to count), like disney songs in Romanian, like well-known movies in Romanian that I could have a short look at – just to get a first impression of the language I’m going to learn.
  2. I found an audio book in Romanian of a story I already know. I downloaded it and listened to it whenever doing stupid work like driving a car, commuting by train, doing the laundry etc. Did I understand it? No. Did it matter? No. All I wanted what to get used to the sound of the language in the hope that once I learned my first words I would get the accent right.
  3. No language without words. I found a Romanian course for beginners on youtube and watched the first lessons. I learned how to say hello and goodbye, how to introduce myself, and how to ask how it’s going. The first bits of smalltalk! No grammar yet…

Now to step 4:

I want to build my own sentences and not just use a couple of expressions learned by heart, so I need to know how to use verbs! I am, you are, he is …
Niko’s next video showed me how to do it and gave some good examples how to use it.

Thank you, Nico!

Nico explained the personal pronouns in detail which are different from English but pretty similar to French and Spanish. I didn’t make notes of her explanations, for me it was enough to hear it once, but if you need to know, watch her video!

So I wrote down just the core aspects for me to learn. There they are now for you to download as well:


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