Nov 13

Step 5: How to fight frustration and stay motivated

Learning a new language without taking lessons and without having anyone to pracise it with has its difficulties: Nobody will check how you’re getting along and if you’re making any progress at all, and in fact the most difficult thing in the last days was how to motivate myself to keep going.

One of my motivations – luckily – is this nice little piece of blog which – equally luckily – nobody reads anyway. But it helps keeping me going, so this is another piece of advice:
Find something – however stupid it is – to keep yourself going!


  • Write a blog about your progress. A blog works better than a paper diary because somebody could actually be reading it! :-)
  • Make yourself enjoy the learning process. When you’re going to learn new vocabulary or grammar, make yourself a nice cup of tea to enjoy while studying. Treat yourself with a piece of chocolate. If it helps, switch on some calm music that helps you concentrate. Condition yourself to believe that learning Romanian comes with good things.
  • Don’t feel like vocabulary? Then at least listen to a Romanian audiobook. Or check out Romanian music on youtube.
  • What’s your hobby? I like cooking, so I tried to find recipes online in Romanian. (Just type „romanesc“ and „retete“ – it’s easy!) You don’t need to understand everything. But do you understand a little? One word maybe? Yeah, there’s the smile on your face! Well done, you’re doing great. The motivation’s back, let’s keep up the good work!
  • Set yourself a target. Promise yourself to learn some Romanian everyday, even if it’s just five minutes. Five minutes everyday makes you progress faster than 35 minutes once a week. Really!!
  • Found a good expression in your target language somewhere? Use it! The last thing a found was in a facebook comment about a Romanian recipe. Somebody wrote „Foarte interesante!“ which of course means „very interesting“. So I’m using it now to tell you and everyone that learning Romanian is so „foarte interesante“ that I just can’t stop studying! :-)


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