Nov 22

Learning Hungarian – How to (re)start!

Okay, just don’t ask me why. Instead let’s get started right away.

First let’s do a quick recap. I’m not a total beginner as I already know how to say hello and goodbye, how are you and thank you, and I can count to ten.

Szía = hello/goodbye

Jo napot kivánok. = Hello (in formal language)

Angie vagyok. = I’m Angie

Hogy vagy? = How are you?

Köszönöm. = Thank you.

Köszönöm szépem. = Thank you very much.

egy = 1

kettö = 2

három = 3

négy = 4

öt = 5

hat = 6

hét = 7

nyolc = 8

kilenc = 9

tíz = 10

Then, what I already know is that Hungarian is not strongly related to any other European language and therefore the vocabulary is totally different from what I know. Knowledge of French, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, English or German will hardly help at all. Scary? Whatever, let’s get started!

This is an awesome language learning video I just found on youtube. The great thing about it is that the teacher actually speaks Hungarian all the time (with English subtitle so you won’t get lost) – so no time wasted. Thank you, Zsuzsi!

And since this is so great – here comes the second lesson:

And the third lesson:

The fourth one:

And the fifth one, to make it complete:

This link takes you directly to Zsuzsi’s youtube channel where you can look for updates and new videos.